Canyon Village is one of the few areas with cell service and as I’m eating breakfast, I open up my phone and see I’m nearing 300 unread work emails. As someone who is always plugged in, the sight of that would typically cause stress and anxiety through the roof, but for some reason, I have zero desire to open any (which I didn’t) and could care less about what potential issues or lost sales are looming in there. Working a 100% commission sales job where the industry average close ratio is about 6% can take a toll, so in efforts to clear my mind and fight against burning out before year end, I turn airplane mode back on, finish my hearty breakfast and get ready to hit the trail.
        I wanted to see as much as I could while at Yellowstone but only have a short list ‘must-stops’; one of the must stops is the brink of the lower falls trail. While the trail is only one mile long and I’m passing the oblivious tourists who I’m forced to dodge, duck, dip, dive and, dodge the whole way, I’m quickly reminded that it is absolutely worth it. I’ve laid my eyes on some pretty amazing waterfalls, including Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride and St. Mary/Virginia Falls just a few days earlier while in Glacier, but this particular one reigns supreme in my book (Niagara doesn’t count). It’s impossible to describe the true power of this awe-inspiring natural wonder, but standing inches from the 350 foot drop, looking down into the rainbow mist below is something everyone needs to experience while at Yellowstone. The King Kong of waterfalls, I dub it while snapping shots right up against the guard rail.
         As I’m staring down through the canyon, with the powerful roar of the water in the background, it hits me that I will be camping just a few short miles at the base of the water. Game time, I thought as I turn to head back up the short but steep trail, more than ready to take on my next adventure. I get back into my Jeep and drive to a pull-off, just before Inspiration Point, the start of the trail which leads to my main destination - backcountry campsite 4C1 via the seven mile hole trail.
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